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Kelley graduated from PCI Academy in 2010.  She loves having the passion, creativity, and education to accentuate the outer/inner beauty, as well as the confidence of clients.  She will always go the extra mile to make others around her feel comfortable and have a good time.  Clients are faithful to her expertise and she always gives them her best.


Kelley's education includes:

Alexandria Professional Sugaring Technique

Kevin Murphy Styling and updo

Kevin Murphy Color.Me

Kevin Murphy Shoot.Me Editorial
Sebastian Cutting and Styling
Norvell Spray Tan

 Uomo Men's Coloring by Alfaparf

Kevin Murphy Color Correction

Vanity and Glamour Cosmetics

She enjoys health and wellness, nature, traveling, and family time.


"Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly."

                                        -Tony Robbins

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