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3 secrets everyone with great hair color knows

1. INVEST in your hair

We find this to be the most important. Anytime you decide to get a color service done, it needs to be followed with the right products and services to give it the long life it deserves. This speaks to not only preserving your color and keeping it vibrant in between your coloring appointments, but keeping your hair itself in healthy condition.

Products that are made for color-treated hair should be your BFF. Paraben and sulfate free are the most important. Glamour magazine even recommends Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner and so do we, of course! This would go along with coming in to Studio7 regularly for our in salon conditioning and repairing treatments by Kevin Murphy as well.


This is the recipe for keeping your locks looking vibrant and feeling amazing.


2. Slow Transitions

"Lighten up slowly" is an important statement. Thinking of a big change? Spacing the lightening process out will help to save the integrity of your hair. Going from a darker color to a light blonde is a multi-step process and how the process is done will effect your hair enormously. Again, using the right products at home will help with the health of your hair throughout this process. By using products that are full of protein, you are helping repair your hair in-between each lightening session. We have this option at Studio7 in either a take home product, or a more intense treatment version in the salon you can have done.

3. Protect your hair

"Treat your hair as a delicate piece of fabric."

When it comes to shampooing, wash less if possible. Washing your hair more inevitably causes your color to wash out more quickly. This is a great reason to become familiar with dry shampoo, like Kevin Murphy's Fresh.Hair!

Click here for our tutorial on how to use this product.

When it comes to the days you are washing your hair, use cool to warm water when you rinse. This helps to preserve your hair color as well! Scalding hot water on your hair can be damaging to your hair cuticle, as well as to your color.

Protect it from the sunshine! It is a common thought to protect our hair from heat like flat irons and blow dryers, but sometimes it's forgotten to protect our delicate hairs from the UV rays we come into contact with every single day. Hot sunshine and hot water can both cause your color to fade faster than it should. Our product Staying.Alive by Kevin Murphy, is designed specifically for this task. At Studio7 we love to give you the best color and help it last as long as possible.


Inspired by Glamour's: "15 Secrets Every Woman With Amazing Hair Color Knows." Read the original article here.

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