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Breaking the Mold

Each day we start our shifts with a pumped up huddle. Why? Because it gets us excited and ready to serve our clients with enthusiasm and a clear focus on the day ahead. Those seven minutes before we greet our clients are some of the most imperative minutes of our workday. Huddle enables us to stay ultra productive and helpful during the day by: looking at everyone's service column (not just our own), celebrating our victories from the day before, and reviewing our core values. We discuss how we can implement those values into our daily lives, and we set ourselves up for a positive, uplifting day. If you've ever arrived early for your appointment during a shift change then you've most likely heard us clapping and chanting in our break room. "One team, one dream, S7!" is what we declare with smiles on our faces and our hands all in. It sets the tone for teamwork, making the dream work.

Studio7 Salon and Spa has a very clear vision statement. "Studio7 strives for a culture that exemplifies excellence in teamwork, hospitality, and exceptional service." Each time a client receives excellent service, it's not just because of one person--it's the whole team that makes that happen. It's about a complete experience, and that is only possible with the work that happens behind the scenes. It's what most people don't see that makes a tremendous difference. Our culture is created by what happens when nobody is looking: it's our problem solving skills and communication, it's how we hold ourselves and each other accountable, it's how we educate each other and our clients... it's so much more than most people know!

Our goal as a company for 2018 is growth and consistency. We will be growing the team by hiring some stellar people who want not just a paycheck, but a rewarding career with benefits and tons of room for growth. Our goal is to have a team that wants to grow older, wiser, and better together for the long haul. We also have room for new clients now that we have a second location, so we will be launching some super incentivized referral programs. Consistently improving our "red carpet experience" will make the clients' services even better! If you don't know us, you'll want to get in on this. If you already know us, you know how much we love what we do and love to make our clients feel incredibly taken care of. Everyone on our team takes care of you even if you only see one service provider during your appointment. Head to toe, we've got you.

Welcome to Studio7 Salon and Spa: we break the mold.

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