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Since Re-opening...

As we approached our re-open in May, there was so much unknown and our whole team had their concerns as to how we would move forward. We worked intensely on our plan to re-open. Our plan to safely re-open felt strong and when we did open the doors that first day, it turned out to be a success! We received so much support, so much love, and we reciprocated all of that. It was pure joy to be back in the game but we know there was a bit more going on outside of our walls.

On top of all of this trauma our world has been experiencing, small businesses have been failing left and right. With the total number of active business owners in the U.S. dropping 22 percent from February to April, minority businesses have been damaged the most since Covid 19 hit. Nearly 40 percent of minority owned businesses have been forced to close as a result of the pandemic. Our team was happy to be back to work but our hearts also hurt watching our fellow business owners struggle. Being active in our community allowed us to have a serendipitous encounter with another strong local female-owned company. Krista reached out to Jassma'ray who owns a lip cosmetics company named Simply Samone. Upon meeting her, she found out that she attends ISU, is a strong advocate for minorities, speaks with our governor about issues that matter, attends city council meetings, excels at poetry in the form of spoken word and is an incredibly determined, hard worker who's ready to make a positive impact in this world. Did we mention she's only 19?!

After speaking with her, Krista knew that her product line was going to be a perfect addition and the S7 team and clientele would love it! Her lipgloss stands for everything we believe in. It's derived from ingredients that are neither harmful to humans nor animals. It glides on with the perfect consistency with no goopy stickiness. The shine and scent will brighten even your darkest days and the real kicker is the price point. In a world where cosmetics are priced sky-high, her glosses and lip balms don't exceed $10! You can purchase these online at Studio7 Salon and Spa for curbside pickup or you can stop in the salon anytime!

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