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Training for Success!

Our certification program is constantly a work in progress. We think we have perfected it and then we find a better way to train new S7 team members. We want everyone to feel like they are going to finish the program with confidence that they can treat every guest with the best care and give them the total S7 experience! We have three new stylists as of 2019. They are genuinely kind, compassionate, fun, and eager to be certified in every service. We train not only for technical skills but also soft skills. It's important that all team members understand professionalism, consultations, and time standards. That being said, we need your help to make this happen! Fill out the model form on our website to let us know how we can be of service to you and you to us! All services during the certification process are half price!

During your time as a model at S7 you can expect a few things.

1. You may spend a little extra time here so the coach can do a very thorough explanation of the service and how to execute it.

2. Take a before and after picture depending on the service. You will always be asked.

3. Unless stated otherwise, the service is observed by a coach the entire time so you can be confident that you will be getting the service you asked for in your consultation.

4. This is an important learning experience (not just a cheap service for you) for the service provider so please have patience and understanding for the time it takes to understand and execute the service.

Thank you in advance for your support and sharing this post! We care so much about our team and our guests!!!

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