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One client at a time?

It's a full month after we paused business and we are getting restless. Our hair is outgrown, our nail jobs are sadly chipped away, and our body hair is growing back just in time for summer. It's getting rough out there! I had someone tell me today that they went to trim their eyebrow hair and created a hole. When people say we are essential, I absolutely agree that there's no place like being in the hands of a professional. We know the power we hold in our profession even though Loreal and home waxing kits try to convince otherwise. Watch a few youtube video fails and it'll having you running away from the idea that wax could be on your face only to pull one chunk of wax and 10 mustache hairs off at a time. NO THANK YOU! However, big however, when people say we should currently be able to go back to work even one client at a time, I don't necessarily agree. I am closely in people's bubbles from the moment they walk in the door. I am no more than one foot away from a client through an entire service. I can't not put plexiglass between us. Let's say we do have to go back tomorrow, we would all (clients as well) be in gloves and a mask and we would be heavily sanitizing in between each client. The cost of supplies, if we could even get them all, would be something we would have to add to our tight budget since the business paused. Would that be taking supplies away from our healthcare workers and the people working at the grocery store? I don't not offer medical care nor do I offer food besides a mint or a bag of pretzels upon check-in. Goodness, I do miss our mints. On a very true note about how we could be deemed essential, our industry is a really great source of mental health just as a gym can be. People come to us with their darkest secrets, we cry together, and laugh together. I'm torn because I know many in the industry need to work again to sustain their current bills but also, so many in this industry are without health insurance which is very risky move to expose themselves to a virus that can lead to expensive doctor visits and beyond. Then, as we've seen before, people skip the doctor to save money and then end up going to work sick. Others can't go back to work without going full force because daycare costs more than their paycheck if they aren't at full capacity like before. At this moment, I stand firm that staying closed is the right decision for everyone but it absolutely is a huge bummer and I have no idea what the future brings. All we can all agree on is that this brings about a lot of conversation on what needs to change in the future for our industry. Those topics of change include healthcare, student loans, solid unemployment plans for the self-employed and tip-based incomes in the case of an emergency such as this, and that trade careers need to be respected.

Support local, buy professional salon products from your local professional, write good reviews on your favorite local businesses and stay safe through this so we can all get the hair, skin, and nails we love so much in the very near future.

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