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4 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Look Fresh matter what your age or gender.

1. Keeping up with Beauty Trends is essential.

You don't always have to be a fashion blogger to know what is going on in the beauty world. TV Commercials show us what is new in stores for makeup, and social media platforms show us a lot when it comes to hair and fashion trends. Everyone has heard of Pinterest, and even if it's not a strength of yours to sort through Pins, a quick glance will tell you what's in and what's out for the season. As we are coming to a close of 2017, our world has become very focused on online shopping. The good news in all the website shopping options is that you can always find one for your budget. You never have to focus on buying only specific name brands to fit in with what is trending now.

2. Confidence is always your best look.

There is nothing that can be considered more beautiful than confidence. When you are confident in your look, that is what radiates to others. It doesn't matter what color or length something in an outfit is, if YOU love it and wear it proudly, the compliments will follow. It is true when they say beauty comes from within, we just accentuate our features with clothing and accessories.

3. Keeping the same look for 5 years+ can actually age you.

No matter how comfy that bomber jacket hanging in your closet you've kept from the 80's is, if it's not in style anymore it is just a walking billboard for your age. Try something new! Look into the new trends by browsing your favorite local store, it's their job to keep up with the latest fashions for you! Magazines and the internet are always a good option too, trends are right at your fingertips!

4. It's not always about striving to look younger.

The end goal of a new look for yourself should never be to take 10 or more years off. Trying to look younger, most of the time, is overly obvious. You want to embrace your age, highlight your features and follow trends in the appropriate ways. There are lots of semi-dramatic makeup or hair looks that are not necessarily catered around all ages.

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