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How To: Keep your skin away from the winter blues

Feeling like your skin would benefit from

a pick me up in this frigid weather?

In the winter, we have to change up our skincare routines.

Just as we protect our skin with warmer clothing, we must also protect our skin

with a great skin care system recommended by a professional.


Dermalogica's BioActive Peel is the perfect way to ensure great skin before spring and summer arrive.


What is your recommended step before scheduling a BioActive Peel?

Come into the salon for a signature facial so one of our skin therapists can get to know your skin and what it needs. Next, book one of our BioActive Peel consultations, which are $30, but that charge ends up going towards your future Dermalogica product purchase even if you decide not to do the facial. That way you get to talk in depth about the process and we can get you scheduled for the BioActive Peel service.

What are some of the main benefits of a BioActive Peel?

This peel helps with hyper-pigmentation, known as age spots, skin roughness, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scars, as well as uneven skin tone. This series of treatments is something that helps prep your skin to end up with a healthy glow come summer time. Chemical peels are actually one of the most popular skin care services because they improve the overall quality, texture and tone of your skin. The great thing about the BioActive Peel is that unlike most chemical peels out there, this will not cause you to leave with red, irritated and raw looking skin that is flaking off. No one wants to go out in public looking like that!

How many treatments does it take to see results?

Everyone’s skin is different, but typically it takes anywhere from 2-6 treatments. Most clients see noticeable results in just 2 treatments, from fewer wrinkles and fine lines to a smoother texture and less breakouts! That is why we recommend you purchase our BioActive Peel series. That way you get 6 treatments and save $30 in the process of purchasing them ahead of time!

What does it take at home to see the continued results?

The most important thing is that you are using Dermalogica skin care products. The BioActive Peel is designed specifically to work with this line and the professional grade products are constantly working to make your skin it’s best. I will educate you step by step as to what your prescribed skincare routine should be.


What we offer at Studio7:

A series of 3 S7 Signature Facials for $165, a savings of $30.

A series of 6 Peels for $510, a savings of $30.

A S7 Signature Facial is $70.00 and a BioActive Peel is $90.00

when purchased separately from a series.

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