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Why your hair is begging you for in salon hair treatments

"A Facial for your hair.."

Although we offer beneficial treatments you can buy in a bottle to use in the convenience of your own home, there are options in the salon that you just can't perform on your own. At Studio7, what we offer is an amazing line called TREAT.ME deep conditioning treatments by Kevin Murphy. These are performed as a relaxing hair service for $32, $18 if added on to another hair service.

The foundation for the KEVIN.MURPHY TREAT.ME range is skincare inspired ingredients that deliver deep conditioning, shine and nourishment with lasting results.

Designed for an in-salon experience, the TREAT.ME range contains full strength treatments that use the best of nature and technology with skincare technology.


“I saw that women’s hair was not responding to a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatments and masques. The idea of a basic masque is very nonspecific, nor does it target any hair issues in particular,” says Kevin Murphy, Founder of KEVIN.MURPHY. “I used an all vegetable and plant protein system with over 26 amino acids alone coming from plants. These plant “Super Proteins” are very close to the hairs structure; therefore they penetrate easily, the results on the hair show that vegetable and plant proteins strengthen the hair shaft by depositing themselves in the gaps created by heat styling and chemical services, making the surface supple more elastic and smoother.”


Something very different about these treatments is that they are kept in separate bottles. Why does that make a difference? The technical reasoning behind that is that there is no need for a chemical stabilizer, which can take the “life force” from a product as Kevin Murphy likes to say.

The main idea is to keep the active ingredients apart until just before they are used. Mixing the two actives together is how you get the great reaction between the two, which gives your hair amazing results! That kind of reaction does not happen in a traditional jar or cream product you can buy off the shelf.

Each of the treatment options are full strength with a high concentration of active ingredients. They have been designed so that stylist's will be able to tailor them to suit each client’s individual hair needs, whatever that may be.

“Super Proteins” from vegetables and plants penetrate easily to strengthen the hair shaft and repair damage created by heat styling and chemical services. TREAT.ME is full strength with a high concentration of active ingredients. TREAT.ME can be tailored to suit each of your client’s individual needs and will make the surface of your hair more supple, elastic and smoother.


Benefits: Sulphate Free, Reduces Breakage, For Damaged Hair, Increases Elasticity, 26 Amino Acids, Antioxidant Rich, Colour Safe, Strengthens Hair, Alpha Hydroxy Acids


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